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My name is Juan Zapata and this blog serves as a journal that I use to keep track of my learning and personal projects.

I also wanted to share my experience and knowledge to better educate people on what “Hacking” is really about. I will try to keep the content accessible and easy to understand for complete beginners and experienced Hackers.

What is a Hacker?

The person that finds creative solutions to problems, usually by using, but not limited to, computers and electronics


A Strong Desire To Learn And to Know Something Is Our Main Motivation


Because Life Will Be Boring Without It And Is Required To Solve The Hardest Problems


The Hacker Community Is Welcoming To People From All Walks Of Life

Areas I Write About!

This is the main area I am currently focusing on. Will write about cool vulnerabilities I find and other research.

I will share and review resources I use to learn to hack, i.e. platforms, books, videos, etc.

Will share events and news related to hacking.

I am curious and want to learn about many things. So I will bring you along my journey.

Why the name "hacking journey"?

When you google “define hacking”, you would get a result that defines it as “the gaining of unauthorized access …

Owl as symbol of knowledge and wisdom

what's up with all the owls?

There are a couple of reasons why I show owls around the website and in the logo. The first reason …

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