Life’s Constant Struggles With Procrastination

I created this website back in April of this year. I wanted to create consistent articles about topics that I wanted to share and learn. I have several drafts that I wrote shortly after publishing the blog. However, none are ready to be published. Honestly, I have been procrastinating on this. 


I am sure that I am not alone in being a chronic procrastinator, but that is the thing; I want to stop being one! I especially want to stop procrastinating on areas that are very important to my well-being such as, my health, family, and career goals. 

I am glad to say that I have taken action and made progress on some of these goals. One of my health goals is to achieve a certain level of fitness, and I am currently on track to achieve this by going to the gym consistently for the past couple of months. I will write a blog post on this topic, which I am very passionate about. 

This website/blog falls in the category of my career goals. Sharing knowledge and learning from others is what a “Hacker” should strive to do. I am still fairly early on my career (I am in my mid-20s), so there is much more to learn than what I can share. Nonetheless, I have plenty of knowledge that I could share with people that either have not started, are early in their careers like me, or about other topics not necessarily related to hacking.

Moving Forward with

I will publish a blog post at least once per week. If I want to improve my writing, then I will have to write consistently. Hopefully, you will enjoy what I write, and feedback will be very much appreciated. Use the contact form or message me on my socials below.

Discipline === Freedom by Jocko Willink