Why the name “Hacking Journey”?


When you google “define hacking”, you would get a result that defines it as “the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer”. I find that this definition does not present the whole picture of what “Hacking” is all about. This definition pretty much implies that a Hacker is a criminal, which is WRONG. Is a doctor, scientist, lawyer, and other professions criminals? No.

Hacking consists of finding creative and efficient solutions to problems situations usually with computers and electronics. The word has been hijacked by misinformed journalists and sensationalized movies, one of the goals of this website is to educate the general population and improve the bad perception that “Hackers” have.


When you google “define journey”, one of the results defines it as “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development”. In this case, I find this definition to be spot on towards what I am trying to present here.

Learning to hack is a lifelong journey with many ups and downs. During this journey, curiosity would be your guiding light.

Good Luck On Your Hacking Journey! Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions and/or feedback.